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Tee Bylo

Have you ever heard the one about how there are only two things that are certain to us? The first one being that we are all subject to some form of taxation and the second is that one day we WILL all die.

As a genealogical researcher I can often spend a lot of my time grappling with the mystery of death for if I’m not in search of a missing ancestor on behalf of a client, I can be poring over the details on a newly discovered (and often indecipherable!) certificate of death or else trawling through parish records in search of a burial entry or firing off email inquiries to the Registrar of a crematorium.

However, if the thought of death is a thought that you struggle with and have no wish to contemplate; the world of the Graveyard Squirrel is probably NOT the world for you!

As well as weaving the tales of and triumphs of family history, I also share the images of my wanderings among the dead for I love nothing more than a ramble through a cemetery and have been pottering among the tombstones for as long as I can remember.

Welcome to the world of the Graveyard Squirrel...

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