"Oh my!" sighed Tilly.

As Tilly has always been something of a creative soul, her imagination was now flying all over the place like the leaves which had tumbled from the old oak trees surrounding the All Hallows Hamlet and she began to wonder if the cat she had seen was not really Murphy at all but a Mundane in disguise as a shape-shifter or could it be the beastly familiar of that most evil witch or... that it had been Murphy that she had seen but that he was now slowly transforming into a.... werewolf!

Werewolf, shape-shifter, evil creature... "Oh my!" Sighed Tilly and after she had sighed some more, she knew that help was needed and quickly for she was very  fond of Murphy, even though he had made her really cross one day when he had chased and eaten those spiders that she had been saving for a very particular spell.

Having remembered seeing a faded poster tacked to an old tree that had caught her eye one day which advertised the work of a Monsignor 'Something or Other' and who it was rumoured was known for his expertise in dealing with all manner of strange creature; Tilly went in search of the tree and remembering that it was near the Dolce Vita Patisserie; she knew that her trip would be worthwhile, particularly if there were any of those delicious Cream Pumpkin Pies for sale!

.. and why was he suddenly leaving his grey fur all over the place? Or what about the time when she was enjoying an quiet walk alone and came upon him hiding behind that strange mask of tarnished silver?

All alone and now terrified BUT determined to do all that she could do to help Murphy, Tilly decided that she would push that old wooden door open...


'Vampyres, Werewolves and Zombies Oh My!' A Crooked Hen Production

As she approached the abode of Monsignor Suárez, the grim and forbidding place, neglected and possessed of some hidden terror was everything that she feared it would be and the temptation to make a run for it was almost too great... particularly when she spotted the tell-tale sign that someone or something had recently been there too.

'Vampyres, Werewolves and Zombies Oh My!'

Matilda 'Tilly' Simms hadn't really enjoyed the celebrations of the festival of Día de los Muertos yesterday for she had been extremely troubled as of late by the 'strange' behaviour of Murphy B; the small feline who prowls his way through the sleepy hamlet of All Hallows; charming all who cross his path; including old Bella Pendle, who as the grumpy owner of 'Dogwood & Myrtle General Stores' prides herself on being a 'Purveyor for the Discerning'; even though Tilly wouldn't be the only person in the All Hallows Hamlet to admit that she doesn't really understand anything Bella says!

"Oh my!" sighed Tilly to herself as she remembered those disturbing encounters as Murphy stalked the graveyards throughout All Hallows at dusk with that strange, white foam around his face...

Having located the old tree and with a shopping basket full of pie and and a map in hand, Tilly decided that she would go in search of this Monsignor who she had now been told was none other than the Monsignor Suárez, the man of legend and the Vampire Finder General of All Hallows Hamlet to see if he could be of help to her.

Although she had been warned by that sharp-tongued old crone Claire Eno, who knew everything about everybody and who was never wrong that although Monsignor Suárez still had his small emporium in a far corner of the All Hallows Hamlet; he remained a reclusive enigma and did not welcome unexpected visitors!

However, despite her fears, Tilly was nothing if not determined and with the light fading fast, off she went in search of a tiny stone cottage with a rickety wooden porch that was described as being surrounded by bare trees and mystery...

Artist, Storyteller, Whatever...

Tee Bylo