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Storyteller, wordsmith, researcher, columnist, blogger or scribbler and whereas some may 'sing for their supper', I write for my living and as I occasionally create a 'Small World' in 12th scale; I have been known to write about that too!

The Poet Lord Byron once remarked and not without a little irony I might add, "Who would write, who had any thing better to do?” and as I love to write, I often ask myself if there really can be anything better than this; that's assuming of course that a delicious calorie-free chocolate bar has yet to be created!

With an abiding interest in the life and legacy of Nicole Brown Simpson, I am also the author of a blog about her and as a passionate advocate who seeks to promote the campaign of awareness against domestic abuse and I have also recently begun the publication of the blog ‘Trial and Error? The Matter of O.J. Simpson; a reflection of an infamous murder trial of 1995, the subsequent aftermath and the controversy that this case still continues to attract.

For as well as a passion for this ‘creating and scribbling’, I am also a geneablogger and as the History Sleuth, I adore going in search of elusive ancestors throughout the vale and dale of the county of Yorkshire and enjoying a wander through a cemetery as the Graveyard Squirrel.

And when I am not 'creating or scribbling', I share my life with my entertaining family, two fluffy felines who will (occasionally!) answer to the name of 'Murphy' and 'Minnie B' in a home full of old books and with a stash of chocolate I try to keep a secret.

My name IS Tee Bylo and welcome to MY world!