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Welcome to the parish of St M's and in which those church mice will be sharing their musings, mishaps and ministry from St Margaret's Church and the Parish Hall as well as the occasional appearance from one Little Big Cat.

I should add that I  will be the one attending to most of the arduous work including designing, creating, researching, the blogging and  the cleaning up afterward although I remain hopeful that I will get to enjoy the occasional 'hot' cup of tea now and again!

However, until these Mice make their  presence felt in the very near future, I shall enjoy sharing a ‘little’ about St M's...

The Parish of St M’s consists of (for the moment at least!) a church and parish hall in 12th scale and although both began life in kit form as simple pieces of MDF; the creation and design has been entirely my work and with my dislike for stairs and hinge brackets, the original concepts have  been ‘tweaked’.

As I have always loved visiting churches, particularly those old churches that upon entering can stir up an evocative history of its’ people which remains as a public monument to their art, architecture and faith and where for centuries they have poured out their hope, joy, struggle and love; my vision has been to create an old church that captures this sense of history and yet is ever changing, a peaceful place for reflection and thanksgiving.

The church has been named the Parish Church of St Margaret in honour of an English Saint who having died in France in 1192 enjoys a Feast Day on February 3 and as both  my mother and mother-in-law are also called Margaret; the naming ceremony was simple!

The inspiration for St Margaret’s has come from many sources and as I spent over ten years working in and around some of the most wonderful churches and chapels that surround the market town of Malton in North Yorkshire for both the Church of England and the Methodist Church; I was  rather spoilt for choice.

And as my ideas for St M’s have grown, so have the properties and with another church, a chapel and  a manse in varying stages of the embryonic design process, I have been happily dreaming up so many new festivals, feast days, fundraising ideas and fun for this 12th scale parish that unless I live until the year 2120, I fear that most are likely to be sadly unrealised!

Fortunately, the vision for St M’s Parish Hall has been realised and this old and quaint parish hall has been created as a place for celebration and busy social interaction and although both took a bit of a battering during the move to my new studio in York over a year ago and once the bubble wrap was removed and the minor repairs attended to, I decided to give them each a make-over including the creation of a dedicated bell-ringers enclave, a purpose built kitchen, some kinder-on-the-eye flooring and topped-off with a design for some attractive new landscaping for the Memorial Garden which compliments St Margaret’s Church and although the appeal of this scruffy, evergreen and restful place still endures; it remains the  best place in which to enjoy a well-earned cuppa.