​"All This is Only for the Mice and Myself to Admire!"
​Catherine the Great

Since the beginning of my work on the Parish of St M's in the Spring of 2010, I had always resisted the idea of using any form of a character 'doll' as my vision had always been one in which I could 'set the scene' and in which there was a hint of the human presence.

I also wanted to encourage the visitor to be able to weave their own narrative and sense of understanding about the unfolding tale they could see before them.

However, as my designs for St M's have continued to evolve; I fell in love with the idea of creating a community of unique characters who could inhabit the world of my St M's Parish and as such, the concept of those church mice was born!

Although my ideas for those Mice from St M's have been inspired by the humans in my world; it is important to note that they have been lovingly created by me as distinctive little beings with a story and a personality uniquely their own.

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